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Learn a new language with ProLingua: we activate new individual flexible time courses upon your demands, guaranteeing the maximum personalization to get the best result.
In our courses, the exclusive online linguistic app Rosetta Stone is always included, which allows students to consolidate and continue learning the language at home in an intuitive and fun way.
At the end of each course, you will get the level certificate reached in accordance with the CEFR
(always included in the price).
Corso flex

Lezioni da 90 minuti a frequenza flessibile


12/18/24 lessons

(90 minutes = 2 DU)

flexible attendance

(recommended 1-2 times a week)

online language app

level certificate at the end of the course

on demand

NB: The annual registration fee (€ 70) is not included in the course. 
The following are always included in the price: placement test, progress test, online language app, teaching material and final level certificate.
The Management reserves the right to close the courses that do not reach the minimum number of participants.
*1 Didactic Unit (DU) is 45 minutes.
Don't you have the opportunity to attend courses at our school? Try our online courses!
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