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ProLingua International was founded in 1992 as a center specialized in foreign language teaching and linguistic services. More than 25 years of experience in language teaching. We have trained students of all nationalities who have learned how to express themselves in the language they desired with confidence and fluency.


Our goal is to develop all the communication skills of the student allowing them to express themselves in a foreign language in the shortest time possible. Through practical use in real contexts, the language will be used in a more natural way, in its complexity.


We have always used the communicative method, the most effective language learning approach and the result of an important scientific research at international level.
We build communication skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) that make our students able, firstly, to converse and be understood using the language, then perfecting grammar.
We always place the learner at the center of teaching and the role of the teacher is to facilitate and encourage communication between students, monitoring the learning process of each of them.


Our lessons are built starting from practical real-life situations to ensure students acquire relevant language skills (such as asking for information or making phone calls, how to express themselves during social events or job interviews).

The lessons include role-playing games, interviews, films, comics, debates, and songs in order to create the most natural and stimulating environment possible.

Thus, the student is in a real and current cultural context, through the knowledge of traditions, uses, and mentalities typical of the reference culture of the chosen language.

Our school

  • 12 teaching classrooms, 4 of which with 65" touch screen interactive whiteboards

  • 4 offices and 4 toilets, in an area of more than 5300sqft

  • Large terrace and balconies overlooking San Pietro

  • Lounge for student activities

  • Vending machines

  • Free WiFi

  • Teacher's room

  • Air conditioning in all rooms

  • Multimedia classrooms equipped with PCs, large and touch screen monitors, Dolby System, etc.

"I am very happy to attend this school. I found very helpful and courteous people. Very professional and at the same time an environment where I feel comfortable."

-Diego R.


"After having looked for a course that suited my needs for years, I finally found it in a young, flexible, and high quality environment. Thanks to the fantastic learning methods, I was able to learn a language that seemed impossible and distant from mine!"

- Lin Z.


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Via A. Ranucci 5 - 00165 Roma

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