• Modules and seminars are practical sessions with qualified teachers, focused on authentic language contexts. Excellent for strengthening technical or cultural aspects, such as pronunciation, reading and writing techniques, as well as several other cultural aspects.

  • Our goal is to give learning opportunities also to those students who already know the Italian language, but wish to further train and practice it, improving their skills and widening their knowledge according to their own interests.

  • Each module and seminar session is independent. This gives learners the possibility to choose topics which are interesting for them, and to blend sessions from several seminars. The organizational part works with “Tickets”: i.e. you can buy a package of flexible sessions and you can use it by booking your session by 5.00 pm of the previous working day.


  • PRONUNCIATION: playful atmosphere, games and activities to improve and work on the most difficult aspect of the Italian language phonetics

  • READING ALOUD: techniques and exercises to improve reading aloud in Italian, working both on pronunciation and expressiveness.

  • CONVERSATION 1: designed for False Starters and Elementary students, a series of sessions to interact in real-life contexts in Italian: at the doctor, at the supermarket, at school, etc.

  • CONVERSATION 2: designed for Pre-intermediate students, a series of sessions to improve your ability to express opinions and ideas, feelings and perceptions through role plays and guided debates. 

  • ANALYTIC READING TECHNIQUES: seminar aimed at improving your readings skills, focusing on argumentative texts - such as University lectures and in depth articles. Especially for university students.

  • ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING TECHNIQUES: a series of sessions to learn how to write a cohesive text, improving its structure by defining introduction, body and conclusions. Using linkers in an appropriate way. Especially for university students.


  • FILM CLUB: guided film watching, with a debate mediated by the teacher

  • ITALIAN ART HISTORY: seminar to develop your knowledge of the Italian painting, sculpture and architecture history, introducing Italian artists and works. At the end, students will try to reproduce the analyzed work of art, and by doing so, they will become the actual artists. The goal of this module, indeed, is not just to illustrate contents, but actually to involve students and to make them become an active part of the process.

  • VIRTUAL TRIPS: seminar that aims at improving students’ speaking and writing skills. Students will have the possibility to develop their knowledge on the Italian cultural heritage by exploring museums, parks, theatres, archives and libraries thanks to online resources.

  • ITALIAN HISTORY: seminar that involves the presentation of Italian important historical events, with audio-visual aids. This seminar’s objective is to let students widen their knowledge on Italian history and events, also through quizzes and didactic games. 

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