This summer, we organize different learning programs giving you the chance to find the best Italian class and course for you. Each program is designed to meet your needs, your objectives and your goals. Tell us what do you expect from your learning path and specify us your availability of time and money. We will make up the best solution for you.

Course Plus: this course is considered the most popular and the most completed one. It is designed to combine the basic class program with our technical programs. Its purpose is to develop students communication skills for the best encountering their level, availability of time and needs.

Basic Course: this course is essential for students who need to build their own language learning basis.

We can also offer you “blended” course programs designed for all those students who have less availability of time during the week. This option combines class lessons with online learning giving you the chance to go ahead with your language training even alone.

Extensive technical and cultural programs can be integrated to each student tuition path.

We also offer a personal tuition support to constantly lead each student during their learning process.

This year we decided to celebrate our 25th birthday also giving to disadvantaged students a real opportunity to attend one of our course. A large number of scholarships are available in relation to their actual needs.
In that way, everyone will be able to receive a qualified language training and start building their own academic future.

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